Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe


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Looking for a healthier pizza option that still tastes great? Try using Whole Wheat Pizza Dough! This is a healthier version of my original pizza dough recipe but uses whole wheat flour for a protein and fiber boost. Delicious used with my BBQ Chicken Pizza, Taco Pizza or Classic Margherita.

whole wheat pizza dough ball in a glass bowl

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough | A Healthier Alternative

While I love a classic pizza dough, sometimes its nice to change it up and go for a healthy alternative. Whole Wheat Pizza Dough is just that!

The main difference between Whole Wheat Pizza Dough and Regular Pizza Dough is that the whole wheat version uses a combination of whole wheat flour and bread flour whereas the regular pizza dough simply uses bread flour. Whole wheat flour adds more dietary fiber and protein and the bread flour adds that extra gluten to create that chew that all pizza crust has.

The biggest complaint people have about a whole wheat pizza crust is the taste and texture being off (read: gross). Whole wheat pizza crusts made entirely with whole wheat flour are going to be heavier and taste a little different. It’s the exact reason why I only use 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour and make up the difference with bread flour. Using two kinds of flour is the key to delicious whole wheat pizza dough.

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