Oriental Food-Delicious Pan Fried Bun Stuffed with Shredded radish | 美味的蘿蔔絲包(2020)


We eat because we need food, but we create a wonderful taste, is because we love delicious food!
俗話說「冬吃蘿蔔,夏吃姜,一年四季保健康」,白蘿蔔清香微甜的味道,能很好地中和豬肉的油膩。來,趁熱吃一個。 the saying goes,Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer to keep healthy all the year round.White radish is faint scent and slightly sweet, which can neutralize the greasiness of pork.Come on,Eat it when it is hot.

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