Homemade Donut Holes | *EASY* Recipe


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Homemade Donut Holes are actually a lot easier to make than you think! With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll become a pro. Next on the list? Homemade French Crullers!

top down view of donut holes in a bowl and on the counter

Donut Holes | A Tasty Little Treat!

These Donut Holes are originally from ART Restaurant at The Four Seasons -Seattle. After buttering them up they gave me their recipe!

These little devils have been haunting me ever since we visited the ART Restaurant at The Four Seasons Seattle a few months ago. I was barely 11 weeks pregnant {I think} and couldn’t really keep a whole lot of food down. But, these donut holes were magical and I was able to stomach almost all of them!  {Read: I hogged them all. } This entire pregnancy when I crave a treat, I think of these and drool. #notashamed. Well a few weeks ago, I was desperate for a donut hole and emailed my contact at the hotel asking for the recipe. A few minutes later badda bing badda boom I got the recipe.

Technology is amazing. And so are these Donut Holes. Hello, light and fluffy goodness coated in sugar. How are you? I ate these fresh out of the grease and enjoyed every.single.bite. Fresh donuts are my life.

These are pretty simple to throw together, they just involve a few basic ingredients and a lot of waiting. Is the waiting worth it? I would say yes, but I definitely got annoyed with the process. “Just rise FASTER” –said the starving pregnant lady. Anyways, I’d recommend going to Seattle and getting these. Orrrrr just making them at home!

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