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These Cadbury Egg Cookies are going to be your new favorite Easter treat! A basic chocolate chip cookie dough but instead of using chocolate chips, I use plenty of chopped Cadbury eggs. It’s a soft and sweet cookie filled with that amazing melty Cadbury chocolate and some crunchy candy shell pieces. If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is. Find yourself some Cadbury Eggs and make these cookies. You won’t regret it.

hand holding cadbury egg cookie

Cadbury Egg Cookies | A New Way to Enjoy Cadbury Eggs

Easter season is almost here which means GIVE ME ALL THE CADBURY EGGS. I realize it’s a little early in the season for Cadbury Egg treats, but honest question: is it ever too early for Cadbury Eggs? The answer is no. Always NO! Once my local grocery stores started carrying these cutie little eggs, I jumped all in and got several bags. (Anyone else hide candy so you can enjoy it once kids go to bed? No? Just me?)

Obviously, the Cadbury eggs are amazing on their own and there’s no need to really make cookies, BUUUTTTT, you’re really going to want to make these. They are soft, chewy, a little crunchy thanks to those candy shells and the melted Cadbury chocolate is HEAVEN when you enjoy a cookie warm and fresh out of the oven. Yes, make these asap.

brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter and shortening in bowl

Main Ingredients Needed

Lots of obvious culprits on this list! Just like you’re making regular chocolate chip cookies, but subbing out Cadbury eggs in place of the chocolate chips. (Or, add chocolate chips AND Cadbury eggs. I won’t stop ya.)

  • Butter + Shortening: I used both of these because, honestly, I didn’t have enough butter. But did you know, shortening helps keep these cookies soft? It’s true! They will stay super soft on the counter for days. Yes, you can use all butter or all shortening and have success. I really liked the combo of the two.
  • Brown Sugar + Granulated Sugar: brown sugar used for color and to help soften the cookie, granulated for more sweet flavor.
  • Vanilla + Eggs: flavor and a binder
  • All Purpose Flour + Salt + Baking Soda: Baking soda is the leavener, salt helps ‘ground’ the cookie and bring out the flavors of the other ingredients and well, flour is flour. So important for our cookies. See my All About Flour section below.
  • Cadbury Eggs: You’ll need a whole bag of Cadbury eggs for one recipe. Maybe more if you wanted to go nuts with it.

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